Immigration Law

We handle the following immigration matters:

Non-Immigrant Visas

    H1B Professional Worker
    L1 Intracompany Transferees
    TN Treaty NAFTA Professionals
    E1 Treaty Trader
    E2 Treaty Investor
    B1 Business Travel Visa
    B2 Tourist Visa
    J1 Exchange Visitor
    O1 Extraordinary Ability
    P1 Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers
    F1 Academic Students
    M1 Vocational Students
    K1 Fiancee of US Citizen
    K3 Spouse of US Citizen

Immigrant Visa

            Conditional and Permanent Residency (Green Card)

            Investment Visa ( EB5, E1, E2)

Family Sponsor Immigration

            Marriage Immigration

            K3 Spouse of US Citizen

Other areas of Immigration

            Immigration Appeals

            Waiver Applications

            Naturalization & Citizenship